Art of Baklava


At Mosaic Bakery, we are committed to producing quality goods from scratch.  Each pastry is hand-crafted with care, using only real and simple ingredients to ensure you enjoy every bite. 

We use a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices and local product to add flavor to your dessert experience.  We are passionate about our culture and culinary traditions and want nothing more than to share them with you through our love for food. Each piece is made diligently to tell our unique story.

From our mothers’ recipe book to yours. Enjoy!


Growing up we would watch our mothers cook tirelessly in the kitchen. Using a multitude of vibrant flavors, spices, produce and cooking techniques to make each dish a work of art. As children we looked forward to the latter half of the cooking crusade, when our mothers would take out the walnuts and pistachios for the baklava. The excitement we experienced as children to the smell of  the sweet nut paste and brown pastry layers, has blossomed into a great appreciation today. A great appreciation for the hard work, love and passion our mothers put into each batch. Each batch tells a story, and not a single batch is made the same. 

Our Dedication

Mosaic Bakery seeks to celebrate cultural diversity and unification with our local community through our specialty pastries handmade with vibrant flavors.

We strive to highlight and support our refugee and immigrant communities that makes Utah rich and flavorful through featuring their baked goods, and highlight our community’s traditions and cultures. 


For specific questions or catering inquiries, please email us at, we’d love to hear from you! 

Where you can find our baklava:

Order online or visit us at Beirut Cafe!

Address: Beirut Cafe: Lebanese Cuisine & Farr Better Ice Cream

1326 E 5600 S, SLC, UT 84121

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm

Sunday  – 12pm – 9pm

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